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Re: Etch-ignoring #402475?

severity 402475 important

On Sat, Jan 13, 2007 at 08:57:07PM +0100, Loïc Minier wrote:
>  After I browsed the kernel RC bugs, I questionned some debian-kernel
>  folks on the status of #402475 to see the technical options that were
>  available.  The short summary is that the vanilla driver works for some
>  persons but the Debian one works for other; the upstream state of the
>  driver is a bit of a mess because the driver is very young and there
>  are plenty of branches by various folks for this driver, which doesn't
>  make it easy to track it.

>  There did not seem to be any solution to satisfy everybody, so I was
>  suggested to propose this bug for an etch-ignore tag.

>  Of course, this is a regression with previous versions of the kernel
>  which used to work for some people, but since these were never
>  released, and since the driver works for other people as a bonus, I
>  think it's ok to ship such a driver into etch.

>  Coud a RM please tag the bug etch-ignore if he agrees with the
>  rationale?

Rather, I think that this bug should be downgraded based on the bug log;
your follow-up explains why this is not just a matter of Debian breaking a
perfectly working driver in a way that causes system hangs.

maks, is the fix mentioned in trunk going to be included in etch?

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