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please unblock lush

Dear Release Team,

I want to present to your attention lush package which was recently orphaned
and which I decided to take care about in the future, thus I adopted it.

Current sid version (1.2.1-4) has fixed/closed 3 bugs total and I
consider 1 bug nonexistent since it builds now for ia64, so it can be closed.

Current etch version of lush (1.1-5) is quite useless due to #336570 -- 99% of
the lush users will have to get backports from sid, or at least rebuild it on a
system with necessary libraries. Thus I consider it important to have
working version shipped with etch. And the working version is 1.2.1-4 which is
now in sid and which is now 8 days old.

Here is a full list of changes I've done:

lush (1.2.1-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * New maintainer. (Closes: #402989: ITA: lush -- Lisp Universal Shell
    Executable - Debian Bug report logs)
  * Moved copying of config.{sub,guess} under rule autotools, which has to be
    manually invoked to provide deterministic update of those files and to
    don't freak out svn-buildpackage. TODO: Need to clarify since that
    statement was added by dh_make
  * Tiny adjustment of debian/copyright file
  * Added homepage to the description in debian/control
  * Multiple changes within debian/rules
  * Added proper Build-Depends, which includes libxt-dev and others necessary
    to build lush so it could run demos (Closes: #336570)
  * Added development packages for on-fly-compilation done by lush into
    Recommends and Suggests, depending on how common they are. libcv-dev was
    added to Suggests (Closes: #312081)
  * Ship and properly enable lush.el along with lush-library package to
    enable lush command within emacs
  * Mentioned demos in README.Debian
  * Adjusted paths in the manpage patch
  * More things to do in future. But enough for current upload I hope

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