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Etch-ignoring #402475?


 After I browsed the kernel RC bugs, I questionned some debian-kernel
 folks on the status of #402475 to see the technical options that were
 available.  The short summary is that the vanilla driver works for some
 persons but the Debian one works for other; the upstream state of the
 driver is a bit of a mess because the driver is very young and there
 are plenty of branches by various folks for this driver, which doesn't
 make it easy to track it.

 There did not seem to be any solution to satisfy everybody, so I was
 suggested to propose this bug for an etch-ignore tag.

 Of course, this is a regression with previous versions of the kernel
 which used to work for some people, but since these were never
 released, and since the driver works for other people as a bonus, I
 think it's ok to ship such a driver into etch.

 Coud a RM please tag the bug etch-ignore if he agrees with the

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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