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Re: Please allow fetchmail 6.3.6-1 into testing

* Héctor García Álvarez <hector@debian.org> [2007-01-13 00:45]:
> El vie, 12-01-2007 a las 23:03 +0100, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt escribió:
> > Héctor García Álvarez <hector@debian.org> writes:
> > > This latest version is allmost the same as the one on testing but fixes
> > > a RC bug and 2 security bugs.
> > > There are very few changes from 6.3.6~rc3 on testing or 6.3.6~rc5 on
> > > unstable.
> > 
> > This doesn't look like "very few changes":
> Very few changes doesn't mean, very few lines. It does mean, no new
> features since last version, just the regression bugs fix and the 2
> security bugs fix.

If I wrote
int a;
int b;
and in the next version
int b;
int a;
that would be the same code with 4 lines of diff.
And thats what we have here. The mentioned files are 
auto-generated stuff by flex and bison which is because the 
upstream author did an update from 2.5.4a to 2.5.33.
For example:
-/* Line 191 of yacc.c.  */
-#line 320 "rcfile_y.c"
+/* Line 193 of yacc.c.  */
+#line 341 "rcfile_y.c"
+       YYSTYPE;

Thats just one example for things making the diff big but 
the code didnt really change.
imap.c and pop3.c is now one file (tls.c) is another 
example (150 lines).
I talked with upstream about why the changes are that big.
rc3 -> 6.3.6 has 11 * 660 changes in po/* files, a few 
additional html files from the mail-archive (380 lines) and 
140 lines of news.
Mailarchiv sind hinzugekommen, 380 Zeilen, 140 Zeilen an 
NEWS. pop3.c changes are that big because of the security 
fix was fairly voluminous.

Besides this the changes are just a few.

> > Sorry, could you please try to get single patches for the bugs fixed by
> > the new upstream release, so that we have the option to route this
> > through testing-proposed-updates?
> > 
> We could but it wouldn't make a difference since we'll end up with the
> same 6.3.6 final release.

Kind regards
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