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Re: Please allow fetchmail 6.3.6-1 into testing

Héctor García Álvarez <hector@debian.org> writes:
> This latest version is allmost the same as the one on testing but fixes
> a RC bug and 2 security bugs.
> There are very few changes from 6.3.6~rc3 on testing or 6.3.6~rc5 on
> unstable.

This doesn't look like "very few changes":

 /tmp/8P1XGJBElf/fetchmail-6.3.6/rcfile_l.c               | 1353 ++++++++-------
 /tmp/8P1XGJBElf/fetchmail-6.3.6/rcfile_y.c               | 1225 ++++++++-----

Sorry, could you please try to get single patches for the bugs fixed by
the new upstream release, so that we have the option to route this
through testing-proposed-updates?

BOFH #95:
Pentium FDIV bug

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