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some GNOME packages for testing


here are again some packages we'd like to see migrate to etch.

      * bug-buddy 2.14.0-4 : fix for a crasher that can be triggered
        when the bugzilla website sends bad data (should probably be
        considered RC).
      * epiphany-browser 2.14.3-5 : adds a symbolic link to make session
        saving work, and adds some Debian branding (default home page
        and bookmarks).
      * gnome-applets 2.14.3-4 : Galician debconf translation, and a
        small location update for the weather applet.
      * gnome-python 2.12.4-6 : calls correctly the rtupdate hook.
        Without this change, the included gnome-vfs method isn't
      * gtk+2.0 2.8.20-4 : RC fix (memory leak) for the directFB
      * gtk-doc 1.7-3 : fix for parsing some headers, generating
        incorrect documentation. It's not a really important fix, since
        the documentation is either generated by the unstable version or
        directly in upstream tarballs, but the change is rather trivial.
      * nautilus-cd-burner 2.14.3-8 : uses genisoimage instead of
        mkisofs, removing the mkisofs dependency. Missing the alpha
        binary (built, not uploaded).

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