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Re: please unblock libxml-ruby

Filipe <filipe@icewall.org> writes:
> I'm writing this mail because libxml-ruby version didn't make it
> to etch in time.
> Acctually, etch's version is 0.3.8, that has some major bugs that were
> fixed in libxml-ruby They are:
> * fixes a critical bug in attribute handling that can lead to segmentation fault;
> * Fixes attribute list traversal
> * Fixes test-naming bugs
> * Fixes doc build bug
> * Fixes parser error handler proc early GC bug
> Also, it improves cross-plataform compatibility.

Yay, and all of that for just 2000 lines of diff. Sorry, I'm not willing
to accept this big update to fix unspecified, unfiled bugs. Can you
isolate the needed patches, please?

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