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BIND 8 deprecation for the release notes

I recommend to add a note urging people to switch to BIND 9 (possibly
mentioning "check-names ignore", which is one of the larger hurdles

The main reason is this bug:

CVE-2006-0527 (BIND 4 (BIND4) and BIND 8 (BIND8), if used as a target forwarder, ...)
        - bind 1:8.4.7-1 (low)
        [sarge] - bind <no-dsa> (Architectual limitatiom, upgrade to BIND 9 as a a fix)
        NOTE: BIND 8 is unsuitable for forwarder use because of its
        NOTE: architecture.  Upgrade to BIND 9 as a fix.
        NOTE: This was fixed in sid by documenting it as an unfixable design limitation

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