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Re: Solving the linux-2.6 firmware issue

* Frederik Schueler (fs@debian.org) [070106 23:45]:
> On Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 01:19:01PM -0800, Jeff Carr wrote:
> > This doesn't have anything to do with legality. You can legally
> > distribute these drivers.
> in <20061020233507.GA3118@mauritius.dodds.net> Steve Langasek clearly
> states in the name of the release team which drivers have to be dealt
> with for the release, and since the kernel team does not have the time 
> and manpower to contact all vendors or patch all drivers BEFORE the
> release, we remove these drivers.

AFAICS, nobody would object if someone would start to work on these
issues. But, unless somebody actually deals with these, I don't think
there is any alternative to the purging proposed by Frederik.


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