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Re: [Pkg-mythtv-maintainers] Re: upstream bug fix for ivtv - options

On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 14:11 -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> But I also don't understand why these bugs should be considered "important"
> to be let into etch?  Graceful handling of tveeproms isn't all that
> important.  What's the importance of the busy waiting loop fix?

The busy wait loop thing fixes a problem with excessive CPU load when
using a PVR-350 framebuffer output and mythtv. The upstream thread is
http://ivtvdriver.org/pipermail/ivtv-devel/2006-December/003803.html but
in summary the load was 2-3x what it should be with one of these cards.
People who were suffering the problem report loads going from 50-60%
down to negligible amounts with the fix.

The EEPROM fix makes the driver compatible with more cards. Possibly
non-Hauppauge ones using the same chipset, I'm not too sure since info
on this one is a bit thin.

Personally I've not come across either of the two problems and as Mark
said there haven't been any Debian bug reports about them. That said I
do think the fixes are worth having in Etch since they do fix things for
some people and seem quite low risk to me.


Ian Campbell


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