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Re: this bug is not severe! I would love to see keyjnote in etch - please unblock

Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> severity 389691 normal
> thanks
> I am not sure why the maintainer didn't lower the severity -- this
> issues seems to be not even a keyjnote fault but SDL/ALSA configuration
> issue on the box of the submitter. So MOST of the people do not
> experience this bug, thus at most it must be of normal severity.
> This package has no other serious bug filed for a while (besides
> wishlist for me for new upstream version), so I would ask to remove the
> hold from this package so it gets into etch, and dear maintainer please
> do not upload fresh release into unstable so current version (if
> approved) penetrate into etch.

I'm afraid I don't see why we should unblock a package were noone took care of
 the RC bug in a for release point of view new package...



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