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For NuFW 20 inclusion in debian etch


NuFW 2.0 has been available since almost one year. It is a great evolution
above NuFW 1.0 but includes only internal improvement.

In particular, NuFW 2.0 features a huge work on stability and
scalability. Authorizing the package to be present in etch will not put
other package into trouble.

Furthermore, it has missed the integration for 2 days only. It was since
long in unstable and was only blocked by a compilation problem in hppa.

One last point is that 2.0 is more up-to-date relatively to security fix.
In particular, the following fixes are applied in 2.0.9 :
 * http://nufw.org/+NuFW-2-4-minor-security-fix+.html
 * http://nufw.org/+NuFW-1-25-improved-sanity-check+.html



Jean-Michel Kelbert

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