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Re: Security team's opinion

Andreas Barth wrote:
> Hi,
> there are two issues where I would like to ask you to comment on:
> - mantis: We have two requests to allow it in. Is this ok from your
>   side? (No bug id, sorry - in case that not, could you please open an
>   RC bug on mantis?)

Why should the Security Team oppose a migration of Mantis?

> - mplayer: Bug #395252: Please depend on ffmpeg binary packages
>   Can you please comment whether this bug has to be resolved prior to
>   Etch?

If I remember correctly, then

 a) it's not possible to switch mplayer to using the ffmpeg package unless
    i) the code is changed, and
    ii) the release team would allow the package with changed code to go
        into etch which could not be as well tested as before, and

 b) there is no stable API of ffmpeg, and maybe

 c) there's no shared ffmpeg library (?!?), and

 d) Moritz already okayed mplayer with its own ffmpeg for etch as
    an exception.

I don't think the security is going to object to Moritz here.



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