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Re: Package name change

On 2006-11-21 Bas Wijnen <wijnen@debian.org> wrote:
> One of my packages, SDLjump, has been renamed upstream to GNUjump (since it
> became part of the GNU project).  However, there has not been a release of the
> renamed version, and it may take some time before that happens (a few months,
> I think).

> SDLjump is not in Sarge.  Is it a good idea to rename the package now, so that
> the package name in Etch will be gnujump, and no transition is needed when
> Etch+1 (sorry I forgot the name) is released?  Or should I just wait for an
> upstream release, and package that after Etch is out?

How about simply adding "This package is going to be renamed to GNUjump"
to the package description? This way apt-cache search will find it.
   cu andreas
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