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Re: Asking for the position of the RMs about the powerpc d-i situation.


On Wednesday 22 November 2006 18:22, Sven Luther wrote:
> I know that you maybe defavorably biased against me in the petty dispute
> between me and frans and joeyh some unnamed others, over the powerpc port
> of d-i.
> But, we are nearing the release, and the actions of Frans are clearly
> endangering the quality of the d-i powerpc port, and there is a decision to
> take about this issue, and i guess the decision is yours to make.

I'm sad you don't stick to your promise which you wrote down on at 

"I propose we meet at fosdem, and discuss the dispute then. Until then, i will 
consider that the dispute is solved and relations have normalized, and will 
continue to work through the BTS for patches and stuff. I will try to not go
balistic if you reply provocatively, but i can't promise i will always be able
to do so, just as you probably cannot promise me you will never be provocative
again. In any case, until fosdem, there is ample time to reflect on this
issue, but i hope you will find that restoring the commit access by then will
be acceptable.

So, unless during that face to face meeting something goes very wrong, i
consider the case closed, and wish you good luck with your upcoming trip."

>   1) We drop support for powerpc for etch.

Why exactly?

On http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/EtchRC1Prep I only see rather minor 
issues regardings powerpc (btw, I think that declaring which subarchs are 
broken would help. But the powerpc subarch with the biggest userbase, 
newworld, works just fine (IMEs).)

lists 4 important bugs, but no serious ones.

And http://wiki.debian.org/powerpcEtchReleaseRecertification lists six 
d-developers, and not only you, Sven.

And on http://release.debian.org/etch_arch_qualify.html powerpc is one of the 
five archs (out of 12) which only "green" fields.

So I would say, the powerpc-port is in a pretty good shape overall. If you 
have other indications, please file them with the appropriate severity in the 
BTS or stop spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. Thanks.

	Holger (who seriously asks himself why I even took the time to answer this. I 
think because it made me check the actual status (after all I care about 
powerpc) and I thought it would be good to let the users and developers know 
what the result of my status check is, which I have done with the metrics 
Debian commonly uses.)

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