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Asking for the position of the RMs about the powerpc d-i situation.

Hello dear RMs,

I know that you maybe defavorably biased against me in the petty dispute
between me and frans and joeyh some unnamed others, over the powerpc port of

But, we are nearing the release, and the actions of Frans are clearly
endangering the quality of the d-i powerpc port, and there is a decision to
take about this issue, and i guess the decision is yours to make.

When i first noticed the removal of my d-i svn commit rights, which where done
without any technical justification, but only in order to control and
humiliate me, i already warned that this may mean the death of the
debian/powerpc port, and despite the tremendous effort i made since all those
months to continue working on the d-i port even with the huge and unfair
constraints i am faced, and the constant often unprovoked bashing of frans, i
fear that we are reaching a point where a decision is taken. At this time i
see three possible solutions :

  1) We drop support for powerpc for etch.

  2) Somehow frans and joeyh and co stop their childish revenge, reinstate my
  commit right, and give me all the ability to work on d-i back, to the best
  of our powerpc support and our users.

  3) We fork d-i for powerpc, drop the frans-and-co lead d-i for powerpc, and
  let the fork become the official powerpc d-i.

Well, i much favour solution 2), which would be the most reasonable and best
for everyone, even if it means a few people have to swallow their pride and
arrogance, for the greater good, but this is out of my control, and most folk
have mostly been in favour of the other side of this petty and childish
dispute, so i have little hope. I cannot like 1), and this would probably lead
to a powerpc supporting debian fork in the long run, which is not in the best
interest of debian, but maybe in the best interest of the powerpc users. I
cannot like 3) and the unecessary added work this would cause, but given the
current situation, i would like to get your comments on how this could be

This would mean dropping from the archive the powerpc build of all the
frans&co originating .udeb packages, and letting me do powerpc uploads and/or
override selected .udebs with those including my patches, and which frans is
sabotaging their inclusion in d-i because he cannot get over his dispute with

So, i await your response on this, and i hope you will think it out, and try
to be fair and just, and keep our users in mind over this issue.


Sven Luther

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