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uploading Xfce 4.4rc2 in unstable

Hi list,

Xfce Desktop Environment [1] has released its 2nd release candidate few
weeks ago (4.4rc2). It has been packaged by pkg-xfce team, and is ready
to be uploaded. As I am not yet a DD but am in NEW queue, I've asked my
AM, Dafydd Harries (CC:'ed) to sponsor my upload. It's something like
~30 packages (new upstream releases) to upload. No soname transition,
but shlibs have been bumped so the release is consistent.

It would be nice if rc2 at least could reach etch before freeze. 4.4
final is to be released in few weeks, but we don't yet know when, so I
can't say anything.

libxfce4util and xfce4-session have changes to enable them to use files
from desktop-base package, which have wallpapers, splashcreens etc. for

Before uploading I guess it's a good idea to warn -release, and maybe
ask for advices about 4.4 final.

Thanks for your work.

[1] http://www.xfce.org

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