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Re: m68k not a release arch for etch; status in testing, future plans?

Ingo Juergensmann a écrit :

On Tue, Oct 17, 2006 at 01:42:07PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
On Sun, Sep 17, 2006 at 11:55:02PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
It's with some regret that I have to confirm that m68k is not going to be a
release architecture for etch. We have also asked about removing m68k from testing since it is not
currently a release candidate; Anthony Towns has indicated his preference
to defer this until another solution can be implemented for m68k's needs. This raises the question again of what such a structure should look like; I
think it would be a good idea for us to begin to tackle this question,
It's just short of a month since Steve posted this, with, as far as
I've seen, no concrete suggestions on what the m68k porters want to do
about this.

What are the porters wanted to say? "We want to release with Etch?" I think
that's obvious and the porters are doing their best to keep the port going
and keeping up as much as possible.
Assuming "We want to release with Etch" means "as an official Debian arch", I don't think that's obvious at all. I don't remember any reply to vorlon's mail which suggested that.

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