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Re: Etch timeline and mozilla products


* Mike Hommey (mh@glandium.org) [060925 20:55]:
> I'm hereby requesting an exception for both of these (plus xulrunner).
> The main reason for this request is that upstream will stop security
> support for the 1.8.0 branch (which the current versions of the packages
> are based on) as soon as the 1.9 branch will be released, which is
> planned for roughly 6 months after the 1.8.1 branch (Which is the base
> for Seamonkey 1.1 and Firefox 2) is released.

it is a bit difficult to give you basically a card blanche now without
knowing what regressions might exist. On the other hand, I can definitly
understand your request, and if there are only few packages that want an
exception, it might be possible.

However, I want to warn you a bit: If you want to have an late freeze
exception, be prepared that you might need to fix any upcoming issues
quite fast.

The freeze is not done for its own sake, but to reduce the possibility
of issues, and to give us more time to fix the remaining issues. If we
shorten the time for some packages, we will have higher workload for
these packages.

So, summary from my side: I think it is possible, but we can only do the
decision if we know what the new packages look like (what we can know of
course only quite late). And, please let me add a disclaimer: The above
is "just" my personal opinion, of course other people might want to
cluebat me now.


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