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Etch timeline and mozilla products

Hi RMs,

As you may or may not know, Firefox 2.0 and Seamonkey 1.1 are due at the
end of october. Thunderbird 2.0, on the other hand is due at the end of
november, beginning of december. While Thunderbird 2.0 would be hard to
get in time for etch (planned for early december), Firefox and Seamonkey
are just a few days off the etch release planning (freeze on october

I'm hereby requesting an exception for both of these (plus xulrunner).
The main reason for this request is that upstream will stop security
support for the 1.8.0 branch (which the current versions of the packages
are based on) as soon as the 1.9 branch will be released, which is
planned for roughly 6 months after the 1.8.1 branch (Which is the base
for Seamonkey 1.1 and Firefox 2) is released.

That means that if we release with the current versions, we'll only have
upstream support for security updates for 6 months after etch release
(if etch is released on time).

On the other hand, if we release with the new versions, we'll have
upstream support for security updates for at least a year, which is a
much better choice for Debian, considering how painful it is to get
working security updates for the mozilla packages.

What do you think ?


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