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Meeting Minutes from the latest SRM meeting

Hi *,

there was a stable release team meeting on Thursday September, 8th. Here
are the meeting minutes, summerized by zobel, additions by aba.

Meeting Minutes:

   - Kernel updates:
     Dann reported, that another kernel update with abi change will happen soon
     but he will not change the abi number of that kernel, as only one module
     is affected. After that a kernel update for only 1-2 archs will happen. 
     He also reported that he is working on a new set of kernels to fix some
     long standing bugs and he would also like to include some drivers for new
     NICs and some cciss stuff. This only makes sense if a new d-i version is
     built afterwards. Dann will send a more detailed list to
     debian-release@l.d.o prior upload.
   - Time based release:
     We spoke about the idea of a time based release for r4. Anthony and Julien
     think it is a too short time frame, but we should try this experiment, and
     the speak with cd-vendors after r4, so we get better impression. Release
     date of r4 set to ~16th of October.

     Shorter release cycles would lower the risk of problems we had with e.g.
   - QA related review on r3:
     Anthony reported that a couple of things were left out in my mail to
     ftpmasters, like e.g. two packages not in the list and the removals of old
     kernels. We agreed that with beginning of r4, it should just be
     "everything in p-u should be pushed into stable + these removals + this list
     of hand-tasks (like e.g. pushing the new d-i in or whatever)".

     Some packages from security.d.o do not make it to ftp-master. Andi will
     rewrite his script which shows missing packages from security.d.o
     to work with p-u-new.

     ACCEPT/REJECT mails on debian-changes need some work. It is basicly
     rewriting the scripts used for p-u-new accepts/rejects. Andi and Anthony
     will work on that.

     Footnote: We need to handle libcrypt-cbc-perl somehow, as it shouldn't be

   - New Tool for SRM:
     SRM would like to have some small tool to do package checks based on what
     is already in stable, 
     - diffing .dsc, 
     - running wdiff on .deb.
     - compare md5sum of packages, if they come from security.d.o

     That tool should also produce output for queue/p-u-new/COMMENTS.
     Andi and Julien will work on that.

     Also a small enhancement is wanted for 
     - report about arch-not-in-sync status if package is not from security.d.o
       for packages already in proposed-updates

   - Key Management for stable
     We require the following to work:
     Any of etch rX needs to be able to install:
     - all etch rY [2006-12 to 2009-06/2008-06]
     - dist-upgrade to (etch+1)rY [2007-06 to 2008-12/2009-12]
     - should dist-upgrade to testing/unstable between etch and etch+1's release
       [2006-12 to 2007-06]
     - security updates for etch from security.debian.org [2006-12 to 2009-06]

     For this, we use three keys, apt in etch contains {ftp-master, SRM, security}-key.
     The primary key and secondary keys are:
     for testing, unstable, experimental, *proposed: ftp-master key (which is online);
     for security: security-key, with ftp-master key as secondary;
     for stable: SRM-key, with ftp-master key as secondary.

     After release of etch+1, three new keys {ftp-master', SRM', securiy'} are added to apt.
     The primary key and secondary keys are:
     for testing, unstable, experimental, *proposed: ftp-master' key (which is online), with
     ftp-master key for a transition periode as secondary;
     for security: security'-key, with ftp-master(') keys as secondary;
     for stable: SRM'-key, with SRM-key and ftp-master(') keys as secondary.

     (and same as after etch+1 after etch+2)

   - Point-Releases for oldstable:
     We talked about point releases for oldstable. Martin is willing to do that
     with beginning of etch=stable. Anthony stated that this needs to be
     implemented on dak side, but is straightforward, though. Details of this
     point were skipped for this meeting however.

   - Tracking RC bugs for stable on bts.turmzimmer.net
     Andi will work on that.

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