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nvidia-graphics-drivers in Etch (was Re: Request For Permission To Upload Xorg 7.1 To Unstable)

Steve Langasek a écrit :

David and I have had some useful discussions about this on IRC over the last
couple of days; let's recap here for those who haven't been around on

The major question here has been how to handle binary non-free drivers that
haven't been updated yet for the 7.1 ABI change.  Specifically, the nvidia
driver, which is presently packaged in non-free, hasn't been updated yet for
7.1; it's possible that this won't happen in time for the etch release, or
even that it won't happen at all if they jump straight to a 7.2 ABI.  David
seemed unconcerned by the possibility of releasing etch without an nvidia
driver.  That's a fair answer, I just wanted to make sure we weren't going
to leave people taken by surprise by such a change.  We've also discussed
steps that can be taken to help nvidia users continue to use the 7.0 driver
with the 7.1 server if that becomes necessary, and David has been working up
a patch for an IgnoreABI xorg.conf option to supplement the -ignoreABI
commandline option, which leaves me comfortable with the worst-case scenario
here (i.e., we can ship nvidia 7.0 drivers and users of those drivers will
have to add a couple of options to their xorg.conf by hand).
I'm not sure what was the status when you sent that mail, but now NVIDIA released updated drivers for X.Org 7.1. So this is on Randall's side now (#384608). Note that since nvidia-graphics-drivers was removed from testing, only the legacy drivers are an issue. And even these drivers are RC-buggy per #372252. As this has been the case since months, I think it's clear that nobody cares about the NVIDIA 3D graphics drivers, they will unlikely release in Etch, so they can be ignored for release issues. If the release team cares about them though, it would be nice to remove the RC-buggy nvidia-graphics-modules-i386 (#363324). I also suggest considering removing the legacy drivers due to its serious bug(s).

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