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Request For Permission To Upload Xorg 7.1 To Unstable

Hello all,

   The XSF has been busy over the past several weeks preparing the Xorg 7.1
release for unstable. After the next dinstall we will have the packages in
such shape that I deem them ready for unstable of their own accord. There
are clearly several RC bugs against the X packages that need to be fixed,
but my plan is to attack these immediately when 7.1 hits unstable. It is
our goal to release 7.1 with etch, and uploading a more or less frozen
upstream version and then fixing the Debian-specific bugs will facilitate

   Some pieces of this are already in place. The various Xorg applications
are all in unstable, as are the protocol headers.

   The libraries are currently in experimental. Most are minor updates, but
two feature changes that are of interest to the release team. One is
libxfixes, which had an soversion change from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0. I have added
an shlibs file to the package as a result. The other is xft. This has a
slightly altered public API, and several symbols are no longer exported. I
have also added a shlibs file to this package because of this. Both of
these updated packages will be in incoming within a few hours.

   This release of the X server features an internal ABI bump. As such,
we've had to rebuild all of the X video drivers. This task is now complete
and all of them are either in experimental or incoming. The current X
server in experimental is FTBFS due to an incorrectly specified mesa
build-dep, but this is fixed in svn and will be uploaded in a few hours as

   Please note that mesa will also need to be uploaded to unstable. The
current version in experimental is a CVS snapshot, however we require a
development version of mesa to build and run the current X server. Mesa
upstream is supposed to do a release soonish, and we'll look to get it in
to Debian ASAP so that we don't have to ship etch with a CVS pull.
Currently though, it's looking pretty stable for a large number of users,
so I think this won't be a problem.

   Finally, also note that this version of Xorg features AIGLX, and with
some patching allow Debian users to run compiz. Currently, our users are
relying on unofficial packages, and having this app will add another major
feature to be listed upon Etch's release. I plan to work on packaging Xgl
as well to provide a second option for running compiz. The RC bugs take
precedence, but I am committed to shipping compiz in Etch, and shipping 7.1
is a necessary step.

   Please let me know if this is a bad time for us to be uploading to
unstable. I know that there are a variety of release issues right now, and
I want to be sure we've all coordinated to the best of our ability. Thank

 - David Nusinow

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