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Re: Move of update-grub and grub-install to /usr/sbin

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> On Friday 11 August 2006 23:10, Otavio Salvador wrote:
>> I plan to upload a group of changes to grub and grub-installer to
>> move update-grub and grub-install to /usr/sbin/.
>> For this to happen, my transition plan is described bellow:
>>  - A new grub package would be uploaded to unstable having a group of
>>    wrappers that will call /usr/sbin utilities but warn the user to
>>    edit his/her /etc/kernel-img.conf. That keeps backward
>>    compatibility with previous kernels and will be in place until Etch
>>    is released,
> I assume this warning will not be displayed if debconf frontend is 
> non-interactive, so as not to break the installer if a grub-installer is 
> used that still sets the path in /etc/kernel-img.conf?

No, it won't. grub-installer had need change commited and will install
the system nicely.

>>  - A NEWS.Debian entry describing the change in grub would be add too,
>>  - grub-installer would have a change to don't use full paths in
>>    kernel-img.conf entries _but_ this one need to migrate to etch
>>    together with linux-2.6 2.6.17-6 OR new installations will be
>>    broken.
> Note that if they really do need to migrate together, this would break 
> some installation methods (mainly the businesscard CD) for D-I Beta3.
> Why do they need to go together at all if the wrappers are provided for 
> backwards compatibility?

When using d-i to install the system, grub-installer will do it for us
and use the command name only, without the fullpath. What cannot
happen is move grub-installer to etch and keep using version ealier
then 2.6.16-18 or 2.6.17 because they were compile using newer then
10.052 and then has the postinst fixed to handle it. Besides that
should be OK.

Having the wrappers will keep it compatible with previous kernel
images iif you don't change the kernel-img.conf. After that just
images built with newer kernel-package will work.

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