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Re: Move of update-grub and grub-install to /usr/sbin

On Friday 11 August 2006 23:10, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> I plan to upload a group of changes to grub and grub-installer to
> move update-grub and grub-install to /usr/sbin/.
> For this to happen, my transition plan is described bellow:
>  - A new grub package would be uploaded to unstable having a group of
>    wrappers that will call /usr/sbin utilities but warn the user to
>    edit his/her /etc/kernel-img.conf. That keeps backward
>    compatibility with previous kernels and will be in place until Etch
>    is released,

I assume this warning will not be displayed if debconf frontend is 
non-interactive, so as not to break the installer if a grub-installer is 
used that still sets the path in /etc/kernel-img.conf?

>  - A NEWS.Debian entry describing the change in grub would be add too,
>  - grub-installer would have a change to don't use full paths in
>    kernel-img.conf entries _but_ this one need to migrate to etch
>    together with linux-2.6 2.6.17-6 OR new installations will be
>    broken.

Note that if they really do need to migrate together, this would break 
some installation methods (mainly the businesscard CD) for D-I Beta3.
Why do they need to go together at all if the wrappers are provided for 
backwards compatibility?

I would very much like to see things like this tested before migration.


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