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Updating linux-2.6 in testing (to 2.6.17)

3 days ago Frederik Schueler mentioned the following item for then's today in his Kernel schedule proposal for Etch:

start migration of 2.6.17 kernel and udebs to testing
I asked him on #d-kernel precisely what was being done about this but got no answer. I didn't see anything happen and currently linux-2.6 is still frozen. Today I saw a linux-2.6.16 upload, which I found suspicious since I can't see its use if 2.6.17 is about to transition to testing. I mentioned this on #d-release, and resulting discussion with vorlon made me realize that it's possible that the Linux team wouldn't necessarily feel responsible for requesting a linux-2.6 update, as according to him, "the reason it was frozen in the first place was to keep 2.6.17 from clobbering 2.6.16 in etch before beta3".

Since I'm afraid that the Linux team isn't doing anything to update linux-2.6 in testing and that nothing else feels responsible for doing so, I'm initiating the discussion. I request the release team to force a linux-2.6 update (to 2.6.17) in testing in 3 days unless objections are raised until then. If you have an objection, please raise it on debian-release only (dropping d-boot and d-kernel).

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