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)Request should be ignored, linux-2.6 update responsibility and new 2.6.17 plans

Filipus Klutiero a écrit :

3 days ago Frederik Schueler mentioned the following item for then's today in his Kernel schedule proposal for Etch:

start migration of 2.6.17 kernel and udebs to testing
I asked him on #d-kernel precisely what was being done about this but got no answer. I didn't see anything happen and currently linux-2.6 is still frozen. Today I saw a linux-2.6.16 upload, which I found suspicious since I can't see its use if 2.6.17 is about to transition to testing.

About 24 hours ago I talked with fjp on #d-boot about this, and I learned that he considers the kernel team to be responsible for requesting a linux-2.6 update in testing. He also mentioned that he already gave an OK regarding d-i to update linux-2.6 to 2.6.17.

Just after I talked with fs, and got:
<fs> I guess we will try to push 2.6.17 to testing next week
and after trying to understand why not now:
<fs> we have some things pending for the next 2.6.17 upload, including which is not very useful, as doesn't seem to fix any 2.6.17 regression from 2.6.16, but at least the Linux team still plans to push 2.6.17 in [at this point] a reasonable timeframe.

Since fjp can clearly define who is responsible to request a linux-2.6 update, and this matches the Linux team's new plans mentioned by fs, I drop any responsibility regarding this update and defer to the Linux team. Release team, please ignore my request.

Thanks to fjp and fs. I'm sorry if I jumped to conclusions too fast.

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