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Re: Etch timeline is unrealistic because non-free firmware is NOT being dealt with

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Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Aug 04, Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
>>>> think not?  Prove it by proposing a GR.  More importantly, the release team
>>> I had such a plan, but no time to implement it currently.
>> How do you handle the fact that it is a license violation making the
>> thing illegal to distribute?
> I see that the lawyers of SuSE and Red Hat do not believe this to be
> true or at least do not consider it a problem, and this is enough for
> me to ignore the opinion of the debian-legal@ armchair lawyers.

Could they have signed license agreements that we (not being
executives of RHAT and Novell) don't know about?

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