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Re: [D-I] Preparing for update in stable

* Jeroen van Wolffelaar (jeroen@wolffelaar.nl) [060428 11:29]:
> If they do need to be in the Packages files too (so, multiple entries in
> the same Packages file with the exact same package name), we need some
> dak changes, and it's a bit risky, because dak assumes at various places
> that the (packagename, suite, architecture) tuple is unique (which then,
> it isn't anymore). But before exploring that possibility -- is keeping
> those udebs in pool enough? Or would it require d-i changes? Would d-i
> require changes if all udebs in question were in the Packages files?

IIRC d-i requires them to be in the Packages file.

But I don't think it is so problematic as you write. One could do
multiple suites, and merge them just before apt writes the packages
file, i.e. a
for arch in arches; do cat
; done

So, for all of dak, the packages life in different suites. Just for the
users, they're in the same (perhaps a "sort -u" would be better than a
cat, however :).


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