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Re: [D-I] Preparing for update in stable

Andreas Barth wrote:
> > The main problem is going to be testing the new images as it will not be 
> > possible to run an installation and download kernel udebs from s-p-u and 
> > other udebs from stable.
> The question is however: should we try to keep the "old" udebs in stable
> also? Are they not overwritten by the point release? Or should we try to
> change stable so that we have two versions of the udebs in stable?

I fear that they need to be kept since otherwise a lot of installation
media that are currently used would get suddenly wrecked.

I guess that it may be a good idea to implement something like a
public morgue for these udebs for etch and its successors in that the
installer is able to look into a second (morgue) directory for the
udebs it requires for installation if they can't be fetched from the
main source (main archive).



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