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Re: Evo 2.6 will need a slight transition

fre, 21,.04.2006 kl. 21.37 -0700, skrev Steve Langasek:
> > I've now checked both up and down in the dependency-chain of
> > evolution-data-server and nothing either way uses /usr/X11R6. After
> > tonights dinstall everything will be in place to build gtkhtml, e-d-s
> > and evolution again.
> > Can we go with this?
> As long as none of these libraries are going through soname changes, then
> yes, please go ahead.
> If they are going through soname changes, the checks are more complicated
> than just looking at the dependency chain itself...

Unfortunately, as seen in the first mail of this thread, there are
soname-changes in libedataserver, libcamel, libegroupwise and

The libcamel-issue is particularly painful, as it got some libs which
don't have soname-changes. In the past versions this has lead to it
conflicting/replacing with previous versions of itself. We have now
fixed this, and don't see that there are any more issues that should
hold evo/e-d-s back. 

All packages that use libs with soname-changes was notified over a week
ago, and we would really like to go with this now, so that the
GNOME-team can get the rest of 2.14 in :)

If there is anything else you need to know/any more checks that need to
be done, we would really like to know exactly what we have to check.

Cheers :)

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