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Evo 2.6 will need a slight transition

Hello release-team :)

As seen in
http://lists.debian.org/debian-gtk-gnome/2006/04/msg00059.html ,
evolution 2.6 will need to have a slight transition, due to a
so-name-bump of libedataserver, which a number of packages depend on.

This is a controlled transition, and I've already filed bugs to warn all
the packages involved.

However, it will have to wait until the gnome-stack has finished
rebuilding due to the libXrender.la/libXcursor.la-issues, and tonight I
also discovered that libsoup2.2 and gnome-vfs2 will need rebuilds due to
the the upload of libgnutls13.

Because of these, evo2.6 doesn't even build against unstable at the

But, I would hope to get this thing going as soon as all the right
pieces are in place, as the missing evolution 2.6 keeps the rest of
gnome 2.14 from being uploaded to unstable (gnome-panel and its

This (and the rest of gnome for that matter) will luckily not get
tangled up in the x11-common-transition, but the way things seems at the
moment, that will probably be over before we can go on with uploading
the new evo and friends to unstable.

Cheers :)

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