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Re: Evo 2.6 will need a slight transition

tir, 18,.04.2006 kl. 02.07 -0700, skrev Steve Langasek:and tonight I
> > also discovered that libsoup2.2 and gnome-vfs2 will need rebuilds due to
> > the the upload of libgnutls13.
> They should not need rebuilds *for* the gnutls13 upload.  libgnutls12 is
> still present in testing and unstable, and gnutls13 should transition
> smoothly into testing without requiring rebuilds of any other packages, so
> there is no urgency in rebuilding anything against libgnutls13 (to my
> knowledge).  It's true that any new uploads that build-depend on
> libgnutls-dev will link against libgnutls13 now, but that shouldn't be a
> problem.

The problem I see with this, is that evolution will build against both
libgnutls13 (due to libgnutls-dev) and libgnutls12 (due to libsoup2.2
still being built against it). I can't guarantee that this will
introduce any problems, but it's kinda awkward to have it depend on both
versions ;)

> > This (and the rest of gnome for that matter) will luckily not get
> > tangled up in the x11-common-transition, but the way things seems at the
> > moment, that will probably be over before we can go on with uploading
> > the new evo and friends to unstable.
> I'm not sure of this.  I haven't done a comprehensive review of the packages
> currently using /usr/X11R6/bin to make sure none of these packages use GNOME
> libs; if any do, and if the packages are significant, a GNOME shlibs bump
> could still delay the xorg transition.

I did a check on this and didn't find anything, but I might have
overlooked something, so ...

> So I would appreciate it if you would continue to hold off for a few days
> before uploading the new evo packages, while we put together a clearer
> picture.

... that's ok with us.

Cheers :)

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