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Re: libgettext-ruby-util; dependency bug on sarge

Hello all,

Steve Langasek wrote:
I need suggestion for dependency bug #321191.
Should I upload new version to sarge-proposed-update for this
small fix? or, reduce priority of bug and say "install 1.8"?
Please tell me your suggestion.

In my opinion, such a broken dependency is worth an update to stable.  The
ultimate decision rests with Joey, the Stable Release Manager.

Thank you,
I decide to upload new package with this fix.

BTW..., dose someone know documents about uploading to stable?
I read Developer's Reference. It describes about security issue
of stable fully, but I couldn't understand clearly about
non-security upload. Should I need just change distribution
as stable in debian/changelog?

Tatsuki Sugiura   mailto:sugi@nemui.org

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