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libgettext-ruby-util; dependency bug on sarge

Hi all,

I need suggestion for dependency bug #321191.

I apology about I forgot to fix this bug Long time.
But now, I hesitate to upload or not for little fix.

Problem Summary;

I wrote wrong dependency for libgettext-ruby-util, that depends
on "libgettext-ruby | libgettext-ruby1.8". Actually this is bad.
When people install libgettext-ruby-util, apt will choice
libgettext-ruby1.6 instead of 1.8. So these utils don't work.

But, people can take a workaround who install libgettext-ruby1.8.

And, I can fix this problem by just edit Depends field.
It's all.

Should I upload new version to sarge-proposed-update for this
small fix? or, reduce priority of bug and say "install 1.8"?
Please tell me your suggestion.

Best Regards,
Tatsuki Sugiura   mailto:sugi@nemui.org

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