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binNMUs for libgamin0 shlibs


 As I explained on IRC:

18:50 < lool> Hi, there was a slight problem with gamin shlibs: gamin is meant 
              as a compatible replacement for libfam0 (libgamin provides 
              libfam0 and symlinks /usr/lib/libfam0.so.*), but the default 
              shlibs of the gamin package were so that linking wiht -lfam on a 
              buildd with gamin installed instead of fam would introduce a 
              libgamin dep, instead of a libfam one
18:51 < lool> I think some packages should be binNMUed to get a libfam0 dep 
              instead of a libgamin0 dep
18:52 < lool> the list in unstable seems to be reasonnably long, if I'm not 
              mistaken it's qalculate-kde, gnome-control-center, 
              update-notifier, gnome-screensaver

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>
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