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Early Article in Woman's Day

To whom it may concern:
Sometime between 1952 and 1954 (most likely 1953), Woman's Day published an article (or articles in subsequent issues) about making marionettes.  The article was written by Bil Baird, a very well known puppeteer at that time.  He died fairly recently.  In it Baird gave very detailed (with many color photographs) instructions on constructing marionettes and a very professional design for a puppet stage. As I recall,  a play was included and I believe it was the "Frog Prince".
I have hoped to contact your magazine, several times, over the years but could not locate an address.  Even the magazine seemed not to have a direct way of contacting you, until I noticed your website on the cover.  If I've contacted the wrong department, would you pass this along to the correct one? Unfortunately, I'm an old geezer now and my computer and search skills are fairly limited. You may be my last hope.
Do your archives go back to the early 1950's?  Is it possible for you to send me a copy, photostat or whatever?  If an all color reproduction were available,  I'd be  delighted and amazed. However, I'd be truly grateful ( and am willing to pay) for any type of copy. 
Joe McKinney
667 SW Treasure Cove
St. Lucie West, Florida 34986

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