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Re: please remove passivetex from testing

On Fre, 13 Jan 2006, Frank Küster wrote:
> > I could do the following: Take the sources from texlive (where
> > passivetex was excluded due to its existence in debian) and try to fix
> > the passivetex packages. It shouldn't be too complicated, but probably
> > would be a complete rewrite of the scripts/rules.
> >
> > Would this be ok for NMU?
> It would also be a new upstream release, I guess (at least current
> upstream has a "tests" subdirectory, while the Debian package has

What I meant is take the debian stuff as I would have used it for
passivetex, but leave the .orig.tar.gz. 

> "examples" instead).  I don't think this would be good for an NMU,
> rather for a takeover.  Which I wouldn't mind, if you want to take the

Maybe I prepare a NMU over the weekend of next week, it will be a severe
restructuring of the debian part, but nothing else.

If someone else does it in the meantime, also good.

Best wishes


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