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Re: remaining linux-2.6 RC bugs ...

Steve Langasek wrote:
>> the fact that the mips/mipsel guys do their own thing in their own way is i
>> believe etch-RC though, and need to be solved in the next 6 month.
> That's a decision that needs to be made together with the people who will be
> doing security support for the kernel in etch.

Debian's 2.6.8 kernel contains (including the upcoming sarge2 kernels) patches
for 107 distinct security problems with a CVE ID. Given that 2.6.8 was introduced
in August 2004 and security support for Etch will end in December 2007 this
might very well be around 200 issues by the time support for Sarge fades out.
So, the bare numbers should make it pretty obvious why all archs should build out
of the linux-2.6 package.


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