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remaining linux-2.6 RC bugs ...

Hi, ...

I have been looking at the remaining linux-2.6 RC bug, in the wake of the
2.6.15 release.

There are 7 RC bugs remaining now :

  #337493: linux-2.6 2.6.14 should not move to testing unexpectedly.
  #343260: Grub: After installing linux-image-2.6.14-2-k7 grub had wrong entries
  #343443: linux-image-2.6.14-2-k7: Doesn't boot: /sys/block/hde/dev not found
  #343686: debsums: checksums mismatch + bug #343048 again
  #344515: kernel module ip2100 crashes when loading firmware on amd64-system
  #343092: linux-image configuration fails
  #343934: kernel-2.6: FTBFS on mips/experimental

Of these, #337493 ius artificial and can be closed anytime, #343260 is a
kernel-package/grub bug, #343443 and #343092 are the same yaird bug, #343686
is a kernel-package issue, and #343934 is ths's fault.

Of these only #344515 is remotely a kernel issue, and it is probably due to
the ip2100 (non-free?) firmware being 32bit only or whatever, and affects only

There will probably be a slew of new bugs for 2.6.15, but provided the above
are moved to the right packages, and their maintainers take things in hand,
there is not anything especially worrysome remaining.


Sven Luther

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