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Re: Developer accessible SPARC machine

Hi Andrew,

On Tue, Jan 03, 2006 at 04:35:30PM -0800, Andrew Pollock wrote:

> I note that one of the issues with the Sparc port is the the lack of a
> developer accessible machine.

At present, vore.debian.org is back on line; the underlying issue, though,
seems to be that vore, like the buildds, won't necessarily *stay* on-line
due to some hard-to-pin kernel bugs that keep taking the systems down.

Anyway, I'm working with Stephen Frost (though "working" is a bit of an
overstatement, he's currently waiting on me) to arrange hosting of a porter
system with his employer; the space is all arranged, now it's just a matter
of acquiring appropriate hardware.

> I have at my disposal, an Ultra 5. Nothing fantastic, I know, but I'm sure
> m68k's had less grunty boxes... It has a healthy amount of RAM, and I would
> put a new hard drive in it (or would accept a hard drive purchased by SPI or
> something).

I think an Ultra 5 is probably a little light for our purposes:  m68k's
porter machine may be slower, but m68k also doesn't have, say, an
openoffice.org port that might need debugging...  Also, given the problems
that consumer-grade DSL poses for system accessibility over the long term,
I'd think that vore is still a better bet currently in spite of some past
connectivity problems there, both connectivity-wise and bogomips-wise.
Would you be willing to ship the system to Stephen if the search for better
hardware pans out and vore proves unreliable in the long term?

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