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Re: KDE hint, possible boost hint

On Tue, Jan 03, 2006 at 03:12:01AM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Obviously HPPA is not fixed, so it should be ignored for this hint.

> kdegraphics apparently built on ia64 and just needs to be uploaded.

As well as (at the moment) octave-forge/hppa, syslog-ocaml/hppa, and with
luck, soon octave-forge/alpha as well.

> You seem to be on top of the octave2.1 branch of problems.

> licq is not fixed, so it should be removed to enable the transition,
> although the RC bug (#340005) does not apply to the version in testing.

Using the wrong C++ ABI for the release is implicitly an RC bug, even if
it's not the same RC bug as in unstable.

> It should go back in as soon as it's fixed, since it's a leaf package.

> remove licq/1.3.0-4

Yep, hint added.

> Also, I noticed that the KDE hint is failing to get tried; I believe
> this is because tse3 managed to go into 'testing' ahead of the hint.
> So it needs to be removed from the hint.

Correct, and done.

> ---
> And on another topic: boost.

> * python-visual needs a rebuild on all architectures to pick up the new
>   boost libraries (new boost breaks the old version).  However, it also
>   has an FTBFS bug (342212) owing to python2.3-numarray.  Best thing to do is
>   remove it from testing to decouple it from boost; no reverse depends
>   makes this work well.  (The binNMU update would cause problems hinting
>   anyway, as below.)

> remove python-visual/3.2.1-1


> * boost needs a hint.  Unfortunately it involves a binNMU update of sfftobmp.
>   I think we can just hint the release architectures, and the others will
>   be updated automatically after the hint goes in.

Using regular hints instead of easy hints is also fine, viz:

> hint boost/1.33.0-6 monotone/0.24-1 quantlib/0.3.11-2.1 rquantlib/0.2.0-2

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