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KDE hint, possible boost hint

Obviously HPPA is not fixed, so it should be ignored for this hint.

kdegraphics apparently built on ia64 and just needs to be uploaded.

You seem to be on top of the octave2.1 branch of problems.

licq is not fixed, so it should be removed to enable the transition,
although the RC bug (#340005) does not apply to the version in testing.
It should go back in as soon as it's fixed, since it's a leaf package.

remove licq/1.3.0-4

Also, I noticed that the KDE hint is failing to get tried; I believe
this is because tse3 managed to go into 'testing' ahead of the hint.
So it needs to be removed from the hint.

All the versions in the hint seem to be up to date, and they all seem to
be valid candidates otherwise.

And on another topic: boost.

* python-visual needs a rebuild on all architectures to pick up the new
  boost libraries (new boost breaks the old version).  However, it also
  has an FTBFS bug (342212) owing to python2.3-numarray.  Best thing to do is
  remove it from testing to decouple it from boost; no reverse depends
  makes this work well.  (The binNMU update would cause problems hinting
  anyway, as below.)

remove python-visual/3.2.1-1

* boost needs a hint.  Unfortunately it involves a binNMU update of sfftobmp.
  I think we can just hint the release architectures, and the others will
  be updated automatically after the hint goes in.
easy boost/1.33.0-6 monotone/0.24-1 quantlib/0.3.11-2.1 rquantlib/0.2.0-2 sfftobmp/i386/3.0-5+b1 sfftobmp/alpha/3.0-5+b1 sfftobmp/powerpc/3.0-5+b1 sfftobmp/hppa/3.0-5+b1 sfftobmp/ia64/3.0-5+b1 sfftobmp/mips/3.0-5+b1 sfftobmp/mipsel/3.0-5+b1

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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