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Re: removal of xerces25

On Mon, Dec 26, 2005 at 04:10:44PM -0500, Jay Berkenbilt wrote:

> I'd like to get the blessing of the release team before requesting
> removal of xerces25.  xerces25 should be removed since it is a third
> version of xerces, and there is nothing in the archive that has to
> depend on it.  At present, xerces25 has only two remaining reverse
> dependencies.  I filed bugs against both packages 40 days ago.  The
> reverse dependencies are xalan (bug 339396) and anon-proxy (bug
> 339405).

> xalan, as you know, hasn't yet had is c2a rename.  The version of
> xalan in sid is two upstream versions out of date.  The latest
> upstream xalan works with xerces27, which I hope will be the only
> xerces 2.x in etch.  anon-proxy probably doesn't have any code that
> depends upon a specific version of xerces.  I can just NMU it to
> depend on xerces27.

> Can you think of any reason why I should not proceed to NMU anon-proxy
> and upgrade the bug I filed against xalan to RC?  Most likely this
> would result in temporary removal of xalan from testing since
> packaging a new upstream version is out of scope for an NMU without
> the maintainer's blessing.

No objections.  There's already an RC bug on xalan anyway; and ISTR seeing
somewhere a suggestion that xalan should be removed from the archive
completely (though this isn't in bug #339279 where I thought it was). 
Please get rid of xerces25. :)

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