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Re: libstdc++ configuratrion

2005/11/11, Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de>:
> there are currently about 1700 binary packages depending on
> libstdc++6, 150 library source packages and 182 app source packages
> have references to mt_alloc symbols.

I see firebird2 in your list. How did it get there?

I've run objdump -t against each binary/shared object and no mt_alloc popped up.

Is  `objdump -t $file | grep mt_alloc' the proper method for checking?

I've found this (wrapped):
$objdump -T /usr/lib/firebird2/bin/fbserver|grep mt_alloc
08248808  w   DO .data  00000018  Base       
08258468  w   DO .bss   0000001c  Base       
0806e360  w   DF .text  00000088  Base       
_ZN9__gnu_cxx10__mt_allocIcE21_S_destroy_thread_keyEPv08248800  w   DO
.data  00000001  Base        _ZN9__gnu_cxx10__mt_allocIcE7_S_initE
08248820  w   DO .data  00000004  Base       
0825848c  w   DO .bss   00000004  Base       
08258484  w   DO .bss   00000004  Base       
08248804  w   DO .data  00000004  Base       
08258488  w   DO .bss   00000004  Base       
08258460  w   DO .bss   00000008  Base       

nm -d /usr/lib/firebird2/bin/fbserver shows a similar list, but
fbserver runs happily after libstdc++6 upgrade (to 4.0.2-4).
(fbserver is in firebird2-super-server binary package)

Am I missing something obvious? Do I have to rebuild/reupload firebird2?

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