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Re: libpng prognosis

Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:

> Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> writes:
>> Mostly there's a long list of packages which need to go in ahead of
>> new libpng, which aren't ready.
> Are zero-day NMUs appropriate for any of these:
>> * penguin-command needs a new upload with fixed build-depends (bug
>> 303705,
>>   which justifies removal of the version in testing if necessary)
>> * printbill likewise (bug 328333)
>> * tuxpuck likewise (bug 328335)
>> * xnecview likewise (bug 328334)
Well, printbill and penguin-command have very recently elevated severities
(as in, an hour ago), so maybe the maintainers should be given a day or
two.  Zero-day NMUs certainly seem appropriate for tuxpuck and xnecview.

>> * libgtk-perl has to go in ahead of libpng (or be removed), but it
>> depends
>>   on new perl and new imlib, and so on the whole gnome 1 tangle. 
>>   Meaning,
>>   GNOME 1 tangle in before lipng in.  ;-)
> The gnome-1 tangle is the png tangle.

Well, we've done a little detangling by avoiding the libpng shlibs bump; the
hope was to put the things 'broken by' new libpng through *before* new
libpng rather than having to do it simultaneously -- hence my describing
them as different tangles, even though they have the same original cause.

> But why does the new libpng 
> fail with the old libgtk-perl?
The old libgtkxmhtml-perl depended on libpng10-0 directly, and libpng10-0
goes away when new libpng gets in.

ksig --random|

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