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libpng prognosis

Mostly there's a long list of packages which need to go in ahead of
new libpng, which aren't ready.

* dillo needs a binNMU on sparc; then it can go in.

* The ARM buildd (grieg) needs to get rid of the old libpng12-dev,
  and then gif2png needs a binNMU on ARM (alternatively, a hand-built binNMU
  would work)
* gif2png needs an 'urgent' hint
  -- after those two, it can go in

* penguin-command needs a new upload with fixed build-depends (bug 303705,
  which justifies removal of the version in testing if necessary)

* zvbi needs a sourceful binNMU for sparc, or a new upload (it's small, so
  maybe a new upload is reasonable, but make sure grieg is fixed first so
  ARM won't need a binNMU)

* matanza should be removed from testing (#328352, #335274) and probably
  even from unstable (given the copyright issues in #335274).

  Actually, all of the "maintainer"'s other packages, shc, should be
  removed from unstable for copyright reasons as well (#335278, and the
  same totally-wrong-copyright bug applies to bandersnatch -- I just
  filed it, and #332610).

  (How did this guy become a DD?  He can't possibly have passed Policy &
  Procedures or Tasks & Skills.)

* pgplot5 (non-free) needs an upload to build against libpng12-dev (328345)
* printbill likewise (bug 328333)
* tuxpuck likewise (bug 328335)
* xnecview likewise (bug 328334)

* libgtk-perl has to go in ahead of libpng (or be removed), but it depends
  on new perl and new imlib, and so on the whole gnome 1 tangle.  Meaning,
  GNOME 1 tangle in before lipng in.  ;-)

* if rapidsvn and pysvn are removed, or subversion gets in,
  wxwindows should go in.

* That's the lot.  Everything else broken by new libpng depends on wxwindows
  or dillo.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

"(Instead, we front-load the flamewars and grudges in
the interest of efficiency.)" --Steve Lanagasek,

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