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Analyzing hint results, take 1

>Trying hint from vorlon: qt-x11-free/3:3.3.5-1 kdelibs/4:3.4.2-4 dbus/0.23.4-7 arts/1.4.2-4 >jack-audio-connection-kit/0.100.0-4 openexr/1.2.2-4 wv2/0.2.2-3
>skipped: flac (1 <- 471)
...not a good sign...

"kdebase_tpu" and "kdeedu_tpu" get accepted instead of kdebase and kdeedu.
This is a bad sign, and is probably because kdebase and kdeedu don't have
hppa builds.  I think this accounts for much of the list below.

>* i386: <huge list of uninstallables>
I went through the list up to and including karbon.

The following appear to be hinting deficiencies:

akode, juk: kdemultimedia depends on flac, libmusicbrainz-2.1, libtunepimp
-- so add flac/1.1.2-3 libmusicbrainz/2.1/2.1.1-4 to the hint already :-)
alsaplayer-jack: alsaplayer depends on flac
amarok, amarok-arts, amarok-engines, amarok-gstreamer, amarok-xine:
   amarok depends on libtunepimp, taglib
-- so add taglib to the hint or remove amarok.
ark: kdeutils is now waiting for net-snmp, openssh, openssh-krb5
bibletime: waiting for sword, which is waiting for curl.
-- kick it out if nothing else ties this to curl.
bibletime-i18n: depends on bibletime, above
cl-sql-odbc, cl-sql-tests: depends on unixodbc-dev
doxygen-gui: too young
gwenview: waiting for libkipi
hpoj-xojpanel: hpoj is waiting for net-snmp

The following appear to indicate actual problems:

bookcase: not in unstable, being removed
-- so why does this count?
cervisia: kdesdk is waiting for libpng, subversion
dcoprss: kdenetwork is waiting for wireless-tools
-- wireless-tools needs a sparc build and time, and unblocking since it makes a udeb
ecasound, ecasound-el, ecasound2.2:
-- FTBFS on s390 due to segmentation fault in dvips
-- also waits for flac
exrtools: hasn't undergone C++ transition; see bug #318942.
-- sponsor the NMU by Andrew Lau!
fwbuilder, fwbuilder-bsd, fwbuilder-linux: RC bugs, waiting for net-snmp
gstreamer0.8-jack: not in unstable
-- so why does this count?
gstreamer0.8-plugins: waiting for flac, liboil, libsidplay
-- yes, libsidplay will need to be added to the hint too
kaffeine: RC bug
kaffeine-mozilla: waiting for kaffeine, above
kalzium: kdeedu waits for boost to build on hppa (FTBFS)

Packages which appear to be uninstallable primarily due to kdebase not
being accepted, or the lack of hppa builds for kdeaddons, kdeedu, koffice:


Packages which are uninstallable solely due to libpng:

axel-kapt (needs kaptain)

That's enough for now.  I stopped before kate.

So in order to get meaningful data from the hint,
-- kdebase needs its hppa build uploaded
-- kdeaddons, kdeedu, and koffice also need hppa builds
-- flac and libmusicbrainz need to be added to the hint to get good results

In addition, in case it got lost up there, important note:
-- exrtools needs an NMU sponsored

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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