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Re: Analyzing hint results, take 1

On Friday, 21 October 2005 09:10, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Packages which appear to be uninstallable primarily due to kdebase not
> being accepted, or the lack of hppa builds for kdeaddons, kdeedu, koffice:

> So in order to get meaningful data from the hint,
> -- kdebase needs its hppa build uploaded
> -- kdeaddons, kdeedu, and koffice also need hppa builds
Probably having them out of @weak_no_auto_build in hppa buildd's will help ;)

I uploaded koffice four days ago and wesnoth yesterday. wesnoth was built in 
less than four hours while koffice is still 11 in the queue after four days 
(it was 9th two days ago) and their build times are similar. I don't fully 
understand why three of the blocking packages for the KDE transition are 
being given the lowest priority possible in hppa (well, kdebase was removed 
from the list yesterday and it's already built).

Best regards

Isaac Clerencia at Warp Networks, http://www.warp.es
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