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Re: ofx and png transition

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:

> But there seems to be a *huge* pile-up of libraries preventing that from
> happening today.  I didn't realize how big it was until I looked at
> gnucash's status just now.

The autobuilders are puttering along.  Hence my email recently to
debian-devel about just that subject!

We MUST find a way to fix this problem.  It's a major drag on Debian.
It could be *easily* solved, because the problem is *not* the time it
takes to compile the package, and the problem is *not* the expense of

Something about our buildd methodology forces this pain.  One example
is that with a chain of dependent packages, each package gets built,
then in a day or so the buildd admin signs it and uploads it, and the
next day it is added to the archive, and the next day it hits the
mirror, and the next day the next build in the sequence can start.

Meanwhile, fifteen builds are tying up the buildd's with attempts to
build that fail because the dependencies are not available--which
could be checked perhaps before queuing the build etc etc.

If an arch cannot keep up, it needs more buildds.  Period.  Geez.  We
already know this.  When are we going to actually implement it?

It's also bad for testing, because the ten days can complete before
archs have even had a chance to try and build it, so that there is
very little testing of unstable even possible on those archs before
the package goes into the testing distribution.

> gnomeprint isn't uploaded yet.

Huh?  Say more; AFAICT all the necessary packages have been uploaded.


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